Hyperion™ Glass

C2 Hyperion™ Glass is our trademarked line of beautifully modern backpainted glass. Available in regular, low iron, acid etched or virtually any other glass type, we are able to produce almost any size, thickness, or specialty production your project requires. Coupled with our color capability to match any color, the possibilities are endless!

At C2, we utilizes a glass paint that is scientifically formulated with a unique glass surface, molecular altering chemical complex (nanotechnology) along with various high performance alkyds, UV protective compounds, and other premium components. This chemical combination ensures a true permanent paint / glass bond along with great color retention and durability

Fuzion© Glass

Finally, stained glass enters the 21st Century!

Fuzion© Architectural Glass Panels are a patent pending innovation that provide 300-400% greater detail than traditional stained glass. No lead, faster production times, no maintenance, and extremely durable; this state of the art process allows us to create even the most intricate designs. The finished product is nothing short of a piece of art!


C2's glass mosaics have been used for everything from accents to public art, to magnificent center pieces. Single pixels working together to form a whole picture, mood or effect.

Wall Coverings

Our glass wall coverings can be fabricated to fit any design style or wall size. We offer custom designs created by our design team, or can work with you on producing your own design. Custom shapes are cut out of any glass or stone on our water jet and fabricated by our skilled team.

Fireplace Surrounds

Turn your fireplace back into the center piece of your living room!

The fireplace can now be personalized to all new levels of artistry and design. Whether it be in glass, marble, exotic stones, metals, or any combination of these elements, C2 can create a truly unique and jaw dropping functional centerpiece.


We specialize in everything from mosaic type lighting fixtures, to custom slump and drape lighting fixtures. Our expert glass artist, Margaret Garbarino studied stained glass in Italy, and uses her developed process to create beautiful, fused glass fixtures that are always one of a kind.


Using a process similar to the creation of wall coverings, we are able to produce custom, water-jet cut signs.