At C2 Resource we offer many different kinds of services. We usually classify them using 4 main categories...


Whether it's a custom water jet wall covering, a stained glass reproduction of an original or famous art piece, a unique fireplace surround or a fabulous counter top or lighting element, C2 has the most diverse compliment of artists and experts to fabricate exactly what you need.

The original manufacturer of Hyperion™ Back Painted Glass is fast becoming an Industry standard for its beauty, durability and limitless color palette.


With state of the art laser cutting equipment and accomplished carpentry professionals, C2 produces some of the most elegant and visually captivating wood work and artistry. The combinations and possibilities are endless with our professional, driven and inspired team at your disposal.

Included in the many options available is our new line of laser cut wood panels which we now inlay with stained glass, mirror, stone or metal alloys.


Originally C2 specialized in stone mosaic work and over the last 20+ years this has grown to include elegant water jet medallions, custom inlayed accent pieces and just about anything you can imagine in stone and marble materials.

Fine Art

With more than 100 artists around the globe, C2 Resource Studio represents a diverse array of talent that can create any type of Fine Art you can imagine. From Realism oil paintings in the tradition of the old world to abstract work and sculptural masterpieces, C2 can work with you to get just the right piece for your home, corporate setting or hospitality venue.